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Why Claude Adams isn’t working this week

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If you’ve read the CTV opus on why a young reporter quit his job, you need to read Claude Adam’s blog on why the CBC let him go from a part-time writing gig — and it’s all because of a dog.

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251 dead journalists

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The Committee to Protect Journalists is reporting 251 journalists have been killed in the past decade.
The report comes within hours of Pakistani reporter Saleem Shahzad’s murder after he reported on Al-Quaeda’s  involvement in his country’s navy.
A Pakistani journalist friend of mine posted this on May 31 at 4:14 a.m. PST:
“New development in case of journalist Saleem Shahzad who was missing since Sunday has come to light. His car has been found from Sarai-Alamgir. A dead body has also found nearby but it is not yet identified.Two ID cards, one of Shahzad and other of someone else, have also been recovered.”
It’s a simple posting on a social-network site yet I find those few words to be chilling and incredibly sad.
As is the reality, the report says, such killings will never be solved.

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They were part of the story

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Posting this just because it speaks to the dedication of the profession: Eighteen of 26 reporters in Joplin lost their homes during the tornado — but kept on reporting. Now, folks are getting together to help them, too.
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Ah, yes, the good old days

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I confess; reading this article brought tears to my eyes. Which, I suppose makes me a definite journalistic dinosaur, but let me share with you just one paragraph about Charles Kuralt and maybe you’ll read the whole thing and, if your career harkens back to those “good old days,” you might smile at the memories:

“Though I’ll tell you… thinking of him hitching a ride on a
motorcycle, gunning his way down the Grand Central Parkway from a plane
crash, clasping the hottest story of the day to his chest and taking it
home to Mr. Murrow, a young news gladiator working for the best company
on earth… it would be so wonderful to be able to walk into a place and
not have to worry again about anything but your work. But that world has
vanished. Poof!”
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Can J-profs still do the work?

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An editor in Australia is pursuing a unique concept for online journalism. He’s hired working journalists as editors but academics as reporters.
Andrew Jaspan said he believes this will bring a ““a fact-based and editorially-independent forum” that will “unlock the
knowledge and expertise of researchers and academics to provide the
public with clarity and insight into society’s biggest problems” and
“give experts a greater voice in shaping scientific, cultural and
intellectual agendas by providing a trusted platform that values and
promotes new thinking and evidence-based research.”
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Life after 30

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Ever wonder what happened to John Temple, editor of the Rocky Mountain News when it folded?
He found a second life online and, in this Columbia Journalism Review article, talks about doing more with less — way less.

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Journalism as a war crime

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Found an interesting article in The Atlantic by a Nairobi-based journalist about the case of radio journalist Joshua arap Sang, who has been accused of using his craft to incite mass violence in 2007.
He’s one of six being looked at in a probe of violence following an election, which resulted in more than 1,200 Kenyans. It’s an interesting article that raises some challenging questions.

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More awards

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The Canadian Community Newspaper Association and the B.C. and Yukon Community Newspaper Association have announced their award winners. The CCNA list is here; the BCYCNA list is here.
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Peace journalist versus proper journalist

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The University of Oxford discusses if journalism should be amoral.

The discussion was sparked by a comment from a professor of media history, who used George Orwell as her example of what she thinks journalism should be about.

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More on professionalizing journalism

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Disclosure: This radio clip link is for a show done by my friend, Sean Holman, and includes my husband, Alan Bass, who has been researching and speaking on professionalizing journalism for several years.

Given the recent move in Quebec and some chatter on the Canadian Association of Journalists list, I thought some people might be interested in this.

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