J-Links: Reimagine CBC survey; Why journos love — and hate — reddit; Romney’s 47 per cent


In Canadian media:

Last day to submit Reimagine CBC survey

Today is the last day to submit your thoughts on the role of the CBC before the solutions-based advocacy group Reimagine CBC — which is not affiliated to the CBC in any way — takes the results to CBC’s Annual Public Meeting on Sept. 25. 

**CORRECTION: Yesterday wasn't the last day, and you can continue to send your thoughts on the role of the CBC to Reimagine CBC. Openmedia's Diana Trusz emailed me the following to clarify: "The survey is not ending yet. The 24 hour deadline was for Canadians to influence the top 3 recommendations for our video question submissions to the CBC's APM, but the video submissions to the APM are essentially the current survey findings - not the final ones. The survey will continue to be open until mid- to late-October when we present the findings with our final report at our Toronto event."

Fast Break sports journalism event tonight

The Canadian Association of Journalists, Centennial College and The Sports Group have teamed up to present this event on breaking into the sports journalism industry in Toronto. It is happening tonight at Centennial College’s Centre for Creative Communications near Pape station in Toronto.

Jon Arklay named senior VP of Bell Media

Bell Media has appointed Jon Arklay as its new senior vice president of Bell Media Agency and Brand Strategy. According to Broadcaster Magazine, Arklay, who previously worked on brand management and design elements for the 2010 and 2012 Olympic Games, will be responsible for “the complete design, promotion, brand strategy, and media buying services for all Bell Media assets.”


In international media:

Journalism’s evolving relationship with reddit

Reddit, the self-described “front-page of the Internet” has had a coming-of-age as of late, perhaps most recently exemplified by U.S. President Barack Obama’s AMA (ask me anything) session on the popular website. This GigaOM post outlines how journalists’ relationship with reddit has evolved, criticisms of the site and just how much traffic a reddit link can drive.


Today’s reads:

Mitt Romney on America’s 47 percent

In this now-widely-spread scoop, liberal media website Mother Jones published a number of videos from a Republican fundraiser earlier this year where Mitt Romney said the 47 per cent of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes “believe they are victims”  – remarks that Romney told media Monday after the video surfaced, were made “off the cuff” and were not “elegantly stated.”




So Mitt Romney would like us to believe that the comments he made would have differed if he had "elegantly stated" them, rather than issuing them off-the-cuff, which suggests a flick of the wrist to shove off a few unruly flakes - perhaps of dandruff, caused by the broiling of his scalp by his rather overheated brain.


Given that there would be numerous occasions in a presidential future in which he would have to make off-the-cuff remarks, one can only shudder -

and duck.

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