Stephen Northfield to leave The Globe and Mail to join Human Rights Watch


After 18 years at The Globe and Mail, Stephen Northfield is leaving the newspaper to become Human Rights Watch’s director of digital media in New York City.

Northfield has served on The Globe’s national desk, as its foreign editor and most recently, as deputy managing editor, digital and editor of He will be leading a team that will be working to increase Human Rights Watch's digital presence across all platforms. 

“I am thrilled to be joining such a respected organization whose work I have admired for years. It combines the  best of what I have devoted the past decade of my career to – international issues and digital,” Northfield told J-Source in an email. “I’m sad too about leaving The Globe and the wonderful colleagues I work with here – it has been a privilege.”

In an announcement of Northfield’s departure from The Globe, executive editor Jill Borra and managing editor Elena Cherney described the contributions Northfield has made to The Globe’s newsroom and the impact he’s had on its reporters over the years.

Stephen has been a driving force behind so much of the Globe's award-winning journalism over the past several years. He has championed digital projects such as the Emmy-winning Taliban and Behind the Veil initiatives, and most recently the Emmy-nominated Hamas project. As foreign editor he navigated the Globe through a historic U.S. election, wars in Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East, tsunamis, earthquakes and assassination, work that garnered a slew of NNAs for writers. His team also earned two Michener citations, including a win for the ground breaking work on Afghanistan detainees.

Northfield says he will join Human Rights Watch sometime in March. 

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