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14 January 2016
Canadian news outlets were “equal to the challenge” of scrutinizing controversial Bill C-51, according to new research.
16 December 2015
Why today’s journalists are kicking liquor to the curb.Read more
27 November 2015
The impact of newsroom cutbacks, consolidations and closures will be the focus of a new study examining local news poverty in communities outside of Canada’s major media centres.
26 November 2015
An app that will allow newsrooms to monitor who journalists go to for quotes in stories is being developed by two journalism professors at Ryerson University.
18 November 2015
The harassment of reporters online and during live television hits can have personal consequences for women in the field and affect their careers.
12 November 2015
On Nov. 12, former Globe and Mail editor John Stackhouse sat down with Buzzfeed editor Craig Silverman to discuss his new book and the future of journalism.
12 November 2015
A recent Toronto Star public editor’s column noted that an intern didn’t take proper steps to verify a source—but should blame have been shouldered by multiple parties?
12 November 2015
Evidence suggests there are copycat deaths when details of death are leaked; but do articles do more to educate?Read
04 November 2015
Anxiety creates a cycle in which reporters continue to miss deadlines because of fear and worry.Read more


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