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Aug 08, 2012

Melanie Coulson is a senior online editor for The Ottawa Citizen and a journalism instructor at Carleton University, but Sun News Network's latest job posting caught her eye. Here is her open cover letter to the network. 

May 01, 2012 - Posted by Belinda Alzner

Duncan McCue and a class of University of British Columbia journalism graduate students have produced eight feature stories that show there is more to Aboriginal communities than problem people and discouraging statistics. As Belinda Alzner explains, these students found there are solutions within these communities, too. 

Dec 21, 2010 - Posted by Alexandra Bosanac
Does journalism need a new approach? The University of Toronto thinks so. In fact, Robert Steiner, director of the journalism lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs and former Wall Street Journal reporter, thinks a new master's of journalism program currently under consideration is the future of journalism. (Updated Dec. 20)
Jan 06, 2009 - Posted by Laura Stone
It's a question that hangs on the lips of every impending journalism school graduate (including this one): what's the outlook? The answer, according to Joe Grimm, a visiting journalist at the Michigan State University School of Journalism, is...
Sep 02, 2008 - Posted by Regan Ray
J-Source asked a whole slew of recent graduates for the single most important tip they'd give to students entering first-year and put together a selection of the best responses from five successful, working graduates of Canadian j-schools.
Sep 02, 2008 - Posted by Regan Ray
Leading off our annual Back to J-School Edition, longtime Ryerson j-prof Don Gibb lays out ten tips to help students get the most out of first year and stay sane in the process. Plus, five working grads chime in with their best techniques for success.
Nov 27, 2007 - Posted by Mary McGuire

If you are interested in studying journalism in Canada, your overriding question is probably “Which j-school is the best one?” As J-Source Education editor Mary McGuire explains, there’s no universal answer. In this helpful guide, she provides a checklist of criteria to consider when evaluating different programs.

Sep 03, 2007 - Posted by David Hutton has started a new series, to run throughout the 2007 year: J-School Confidential, filed by media experts in the making. The series will feature a rotating cast of emerging journos will take on that great media debate -- to j-school or not to j-school -- while chronicling their tales of learning the craft both in the academic settling and on the ground. They range from a writer who gave up a plum women's magazine editor spot to pursue graduate training she hopes will lead to work as a cultural critic to an overachieving undergrad who breaks TV industry news and has his own news radio show, all on top of the government degree he chose to pursue instead of journalism coursework.
The first article in the series looks at the challenges that lie ahead for Katia Bachko, a dance magazine editor turned Columbia journalism student.

Sep 03, 2007 - Posted by David Hutton
As editor-in-chief of The Varsity in 1957, the late Peter Gzowski began a career that would touch millions around the world. His work there was featured in a chapter of The University of Toronto: A History, written by Martin Friedland, University Professor and Professor of Law Emeritus at U of T, and excerpted here.

Peter Gzowski - Courtesy CBC Promotions
Aug 20, 2007 - Posted by Mary McGuire
Dan Gillmor, a leading online journalist and advocate of citizen journalism, offers his ideas about how journalism schools are not keeping pace with the new demands of the re-invented world of journalism. He outlines his ideas about what should be taught instead of the age old courses on Beginning Newswriting.
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