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30 April 2015
The Halifax Chronicle Herald faced a choice: break the law, or defy the wishes of a dead girl’s parents.
15 April 2015
When a cop shot himself in a local cemetery, the Hamilton Spectator had to decide what the public should know.
11 March 2015
How journalism professors across the country dealt with teaching freedom of expression, editorial judgment and cultural awareness in the wake of Charlie Hebdo.
19 February 2015
When journalists are intimidated by math, why would we expect them to be any good at covering health and science?Read more
02 December 2014
The program is aimed at helping people with journalism experience improve their photography skills and build a strong portfolio.
04 September 2014
Talking with non-officials and non-experts about their experiences is one of the best parts of being a reporter. Yes, it can be tough. But here are six reasons to keep reaching out to them.
03 September 2014
As journalism students head back to the school, here’s a look at some of the new people who have joined faculties across the country.
02 September 2014
If the news business is dying, how can you justify educating students for a profession that won’t hire them? Education Editor Charles Hays explains how Thompson Rivers University’s unique partnership
02 September 2014
Hays takes over the education section from departing editor Melanie Coulson.Read more


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