Mar 11, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Toronto-born freelance photographer Mustafa was one of eight people killed in Syria by a bomb on Sunday. 

Mar 03, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

The Canadian Association of Journalists ethics committee looked at whether journalists have a responsibility to discuss the potential consequences of an interview when dealing with vulnerable sources, and if that could be done without undermining journalists’ duty to serve the public interest by providing it with important information. Esther Enkin reports. 

Feb 19, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Journalists often work on stories that interest them, and sometimes that interest can be personal. So how do you separate your story from the story you’re writing? Ishani Nath explains how she wrote an article about oncologists while waiting in her mother’s hospital room as she battled cancer. 

Feb 11, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

With the prevalence of media stories on sexual assault issues, it is becoming increasingly important for journalists to know how to report in a way that is supportive of sexual assault survivors. A feminist organization recently released a media toolkit outlining the ways journalists can change their language and approach to reporting on sexual assault in a way that doesn't reinforce rape culture. 

Nov 07, 2013 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

CAJ's first After Deadline session will examine the media's coverage of the shooting death of #SammyYatim Panelists: CTV Toronto crime reporter Tamara Cherry, Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington and Toronto Star crime reporter Jennifer Pagliaro.

Oct 02, 2013 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

When the Ottawa Morning Show ran an interview with Terry Woodard, the widow of the driver of the Ottawa bus that collided with a train, there was quite a lot of reaction. The interview was raw and painful to listen to. Was it the wrong decision to air it? The complainant, Chris Young, thought it was sensationalistic and should not have been done, even if Ms. Woodard agreed to it. The CBC's ombudsman Esther Enkin says the interview was hard to listen to, but agreed with the decision to air it.

Oct 02, 2013 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

The Ottawa Citizen’s Matthew Pearson recently covered the funeral of Ottawa bus crash victim Karen Krzyzewski. He shares his advice for reporting on such events.

Sep 26, 2013 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Especially during times of ethnic tensions, it is much more important to tread carefully and not make connections that aren’t proven or even real, writes The Globe and Mail's public editor Sylvia Stead.

Sep 24, 2013 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Stephen Puddicombe, a veteran CBC reporter with 15 years of experience working as a conflict zone reporter, says Lindhout’s book about her kidnapping in Somalia concerns him. He worries about the future of journalism when we put people on pedestals for being reckless in the field, however well meaning.

Sep 24, 2013 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Jane Anido, managing director for CBC Ottawa, explains how the newsroom collaborated to tell the fast-developing story of Ottawa train crash and the challenges they encountered along the way. 

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