Aug 25, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

CTV president Wendy Freeman said Tom Walters’ arrest and detainment in Ferguson, Missouri, was unwarranted and an infringement on freedom of the press. 

Aug 21, 2014 - Posted by Grant Buckler
Mohamed Fahmy

Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy will appeal his conviction on terrorism charges that placed him in an Egyptian prison for seven years. The family of the former Al-Jazeera English bureau chief announced the appeal August 20.

Aug 11, 2014 - Posted by Grant Buckler

Updated August 14

The editor of the Newfoundland Herald has apologized publicly for publishing a letter to the editor critical of homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion, and a human rights complaint that was filed against the newspaper has been withdrawn, CBC News and others reported.

Jul 31, 2014 - Posted by Grant Buckler
Mohamed Fahmy

Al Jazeera English journalist Mohamed Fahmy released the following statement to Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) through his family. Facing the difficult decision of whether to appeal his guilty verdict to the same corrupt judiciary that unjustly convicted him in the first place, Fahmy addresses the plight that he and his colleagues are facing.

Jul 17, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Two recent high-profile court cases involving journalists are likely to evoke quite different responses from you as a reader, writes The Globe and Mail's public editor Sylvia Stead.

Jun 19, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Here are eight key takeaways from the Canadian Journalists Free Expression talk on “Should surveillance scare you?” which addressed everything from why Canadians should care about surveillance to what you can do to protect yourself online. 

Jun 17, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Looking at the role of digital surveillance in Canada, CJFE will be hosting a live discussion with Citizen Lab’s Christopher Parsons in conversation with University of Ottawa Professor Wesley Wark, The event will be moderated by Toronto Star National Security Reporter Michelle Shephard.

May 02, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Al Jazeera English Egypt producer Mohamed Fahmy has been arbitrarily detained since December 29, 2013, along with his colleagues Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed. The letter below was smuggled out of Tora prison by Fahmy’s brothers to mark World Press Freedom Day (May 3). It also coincides with Fahmy being awarded the 2014 Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom Award.

May 01, 2014 - Posted by Tamara Baluja

Fahmy and three other Al Jazeera journalists have been held in Egypt’s notorious Tora prison since Dec. 29 after reporting on Muslim Brotherhood activities. 

Apr 30, 2014 - Posted by Grant Buckler

In the past year Canadians have lost even more of their ability to know what their government is doing and why,  the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) said in its 2014 Review of Free Expression in Canada. The Review—the fifth one CJFE has published annually to coincide with World Press Freedom Day on May 3—also raises concerns about muzzling of government scientists, harassment of journalists in Quebec, restrictions on union advocacy in Alberta and other freedom of expression issues.

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