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18 October 2016
Sonntag was awarded the Michener-Deacon Fellowship for Journalism Education to do project on Canadian resource extraction companies with 26 student journalists and partners.
13 October 2016
Braga broke news about how Canadian police services use cellphone surveillance in investigations.Read more
08 September 2016
New film by Canadian journalist filmmaker Fred Peabody has world premiere at TIFF on Sept. 9.
01 June 2016
New program will take viewers behind the scenes of some of CBC’s biggest investigations, the CBC announced at its 2016-2017 upfronts.
20 May 2016
An investigative journalism conference hosted by Veritas foundation highlights collaboration as an important investigative tool.
18 May 2016
Before she picks up a hidden camera, 16×9 executive producer Laurie Few consults with a lawyer.Read more
29 April 2016
Toronto Star investigative journalism has had a positive impact on Toronto’s homeless.Read more
06 April 2016
Veritas is a journalism foundation that creates and supports professional development for journalists in Canada.
05 November 2015
Cuts leave awards programs in the lurch and small, special interest magazines without funding support.Read more


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