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    Teaching online journalism

    This website provides a well organized list of useful resources and tip sheets for writing and producing journalism for presentation online. It’s put together by Mindy McAdams, who teaches online journalism at the University of Florida and is the author…
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    Privacy laws could jeopardize iconic photos in future

    The iconic photographs that help define history could be under threat from a new British privacy law, a media lawyer warns. Full report.
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    Journalism and communications scholar dies

    Paul Attallah, a former associate director of Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication, has died……
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    J-schools more vital than ever

    The combinations of skills needed by journalists are no longer narrow and j-schools are becoming more relevant in this context, writes Robert Washburn. But it is impossible to teach everything and the biggest challenge for educators is to keep themselves…
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    Du message au massage

    Le Blogmé Avec “La crise de la représentation”, Daniel Bougnoux ne signe pas un énième traité sur la communication, mais un essai lumineux sur la presse et la crise qu’elle affronte. Notre philosophe tord le cou à quelques fables comme…
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    Sensationalizing health coverage

    A five-year research study at Simon Fraser University, published this spring in an academic journal, concludes that Canadian newspapers miss the “real stories” about health issues and “dwell on covering the more simplistic and sensational stories.” Simplistic and sensational, eh.…