The deadline for applications is March 1.

The William Southam Journalism Fellowships are offered to Canadian journalists, in mid-career who are selected to spend a year at Massey College on a journalism project.

According to a press release sent by Massey College, “the objective of the fellowship program is to encourage improvement in journalism by offering to qualified men and women an opportunity to broaden their horizons by studying in a university setting.”

Fellows are free to enroll in graduate or undergraduate courses and use the full facilities of the University. However, there are no educational prerequisites or credits for the Fellowship.

During the program, “Fellows meet regularly in informal seminars to discuss contemporary issues with personalities from a wide variety of professions.”

The deadline for applications is March 1.

To be considered, applicants must have at least five years’ experience and be full-time news or editorial employees with Canadian newspapers, news services, radio, television, or magazines. Freelance journalists who have been working consistently in the media over a five-year period will also be considered.

For more information and to apply for the fellowship, please visit the Massey College website.