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Applications open for the 2022-2023 William Southam Journalism Fellowships 

Professional development opportunity for mid-career journalists open for entries until Feb. 28 Continue Reading Applications open for the 2022-2023 William Southam Journalism Fellowships 

Applications are open for the William Southam Journalism Fellowships for mid-career Canadian journalists who are interested in spending one year at the University of Toronto’s Massey College.

The program’s objective is to “encourage improvement in journalism, offering journalists an opportunity to broaden their horizons by studying in a university setting,” according to the fellowship overview

To be eligible, applicants must have at least five years of experience as full-time news or editorial employees with Canadian newspapers, news services, radio, television, or magazines. Freelance journalists working consistently in the media over a five-year period are also eligible.

The Southam Fellowships are run parallel to the Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship, which is offered to a journalist from Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

During the program, fellows enrol in any graduate and undergraduate courses, as well as granted full access to the university’s facilities. Regular informal seminars will be set up to “discuss contemporary issues with guests invited from a wide variety of professions.”

There are no educational prerequisites for applying. Fellows receive $4,900 monthly stipend and coverage for travel expenses.

Massey College encourages journalists from marginalized communities and traditionally excluded groups to apply. 

For more information about how to apply by for the Southam Fellowships by the Feb. 28 deadline, visit the Massey College website. For further details about the Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship, visit Journalists for Human Rights’ website.