Hostile environment training for journalists includes familiarization with protective equipment and emergency first aid in the field. Shown: Instruction in progress at a training facility in Ontario. (CNW Group/Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma)

Apply for the 2020 Forum Freelance Fund bursaries

The annual bursary competition, presented by the Canadian Journalism Forum for Violence and Trauma, is open until April 10 Continue Reading Apply for the 2020 Forum Freelance Fund bursaries

Updated April 14: The FFF competition has been suspended due to complications surrounding COVID-19. If not possible to re-open entries in the fall, the Forum will offer two competitions in 2021.

Entries are open for the annual Forum Freelance Fund bursaries, which provide up to $2,500 towards hostile environment training for Canadian journalists or those reporting abroad for Canadian media.

Approved courses are currently held in Canada, the United States, Britain, Afghanistan and Kenya. The February 2021 course start date is subject to change due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

“Because of declining revenues, news organizations have to depend more and more on freelancers instead of staff correspondents all over the world. Inevitably that includes some of the most dangerous places on the planet,” said Forum president Cliff Lonsdale. “Few organizations are able to offer training to all the freelancers they use, and few freelancers earn enough to pay for training themselves. These bursaries contribute to alleviating that problem.”

The bursary competition is run in association with the Rory Peck Trust and sponsored by CBC News.

For more information about how to apply, visit the Forum’s website.