CAJ Mentorship program. Photos of mentors, top row from left to right: Ryan McMahon, Allya Davidson, David Topping, Karen Ho, Andre Picard, Karyn Pugliese, Colin D'Mello, Robyn Doolittle, Carlos Osorio, Zi-Ann Lum. Middle row, from left to right: Wendy Cox, Jordan Heath-Rawlings, Andree Lau, David Common, Valérie Ouellet, Nicholas Keung, Omayra Issa, David Beers, Farah Nasser, Omar Sachedina. Bottom row, from left to right: William Wolfe-Wylie, Katherine Laidlaw, Jason Markusoff, Nadia Tchoumi, Jesse Winter, Jen Gerson, Paul Wells, Ishani Nath, Murad Hemmadi, Tara Weber.
Courtesy of the Canadian Association of Journalists

Apply for the CAJ Summer 2021 Mentorship Program

Mentees will be paired with one of 30 established journalists Continue Reading Apply for the CAJ Summer 2021 Mentorship Program

The Canadian Association of Journalists Summer 2021 Mentorship Program is open for applications until July 9. 

This is the third round of the program for student, early and mid-career journalists. Selected candidates will be paired with established journalists working in print, digital, radio and television. 

The full list of mentors is available on the CAJ website

Prospective mentees must hold current CAJ membership to be eligible for the program. Registration can be completed online.

Applications for the 2021 mentorship program are due July 9 at 5 p.m. ET.