Canadian media ran significant coverage of Russian military movements confirmed by NATO yesterday.

By Jake English, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

Confirmation by NATO that Russia had moved tanks, military vehicles and special forces across the border into eastern Ukraine led the world section of many Canadian news outlets Thursday.

The National Post featured the coverage of Russia’s continued encroachment into Ukraine on its front page under the headline “Russia’s ‘green men’ back in Ukraine.” The “green men” refers to a group of “professional soldiers in green uniforms without insignia,” involved in the takeover of Crimea earlier this year. David M. Herszenhorn of the New York Times reported the story with files from Associated Press.

The same report by Herszenhorn ran on page A8 in The Globe and Mail. The story took the headline “NATO confirms Russian action in Ukraine.” A photo of an armoured troop carrier with a soldier looking from the hatch ran with the article.

The Toronto Star turned to Karoun Demirijian of the Washington Post for its coverage. The NATO story led the world section under the headline “Russian troops in east Ukraine, NATO charges.” The Star ran the same photo as the Globe, which was taken by Getty Images photographer Menahem Kahana.

CBC featured a Reuters story on its online world section under the headline “Ukraine fears return to ‘full-scale fighting’ as Russia reinforces rebels.” The piece was accompanied by a photo of a Ukrainian fighter standing guard.

CTV News used an AP story that reported on a UN Security Council emergency meeting held to discuss the threat to Ukraine. The meeting was called in the wake of NATO confirmation of the Russian incursion. The story was headlined “UN Security Council has urgent meeting on Ukraine.”

Global News ran a different AP story on the same UN council meeting under the headline “UN Security Council holds 26th emergency meeting on Ukraine cease-fire.”