The debate over a controversial Dutch Christmas tradition and news surrounding the Asia-Pacific summit led Canadian world sections Wednesday.

By Adam Jönsson, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

Debate over a controversial Dutch Christmas tradition and news from the Asia-Pacific summit led many Canadian world headlines Wednesday.

The Globe and Mail ran an Associated Press story on the debate over the Dutch fantasy figure ‘‘Black Pete’’ among the top stories on its online world section. The AP story detailed how the Netherlands’ highest administrative court refrained from engaging in the heated debate over controversial sidekick of Santa Claus.

CTV News ran the same AP story under the headline ‘‘Dutch court sidesteps: Is ‘Black Pete’ racist?’’ The story ran a couple of paragraphs shorter than the story in the Globe. CTV News also featured a photograph of the Dutch Santa Claus and a group dressed up in Black Pete costumes.

Global News featured the same AP story on its online world section. The story under the headline ‘‘Dutch court sidesteps debate on ‘Black Pete’ as racist stereotype’’ ran with an AP photograph of a man dressed up as the fantasy figure.

CBC News kicked-off its online world section with an AP story on the agreement between the U.S. and China to cut greenhouse gases. The story ran with an AP photo of U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping shaking hands after a press conference yesterday.

The National Post ran a four-column photograph of President Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin under the headline ‘‘Obama & Putin: The awkward years’’ above the fold on its front page. The story had a throw to the inside where an AP report detailed the frosty relationship between the two world leaders. The Post also ran a front page story on the latest CF-18 air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

The Toronto Star led the world section of Wednesday’s paper with an AP story about the uproar caused in China after President Putin gave the wife of President Xi Jinping a shawl during a performance connected to the APEC summit.