A peace deal for the Ukraine and imprisoned Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy released on bail were the focus of Canadian international headlines Thursday.

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By Duncan Spence, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

Canadian international coverage Thursday was focused on a peace deal in the Ukraine and the release of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy on bail in Cairo. 

The Globe and Mail opened its international coverage Thursday with a front-page report from Mark MacKinnon that ran under the headline “Ukraine peace talks: Ceasefire within reach, but lasting solution doesn’t appear to be.” The report outlined peace negotiations over the conflict in Ukraine between European leaders Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. It ran above the fold with a Reuters photo of the leaders standing in a room.

The Toronto Star launched its international coverage on page 12 with a report by AP writer Yuras Karmanau headlined “European leaders try to reach Ukraine ceasefire.” The report ran with a Getty photo of Putin speaking to his French counterpart.


The National Post departed from the other major Canadian dailies and published a front-page report above the fold with the headline “Swear me in, says Muslim woman after court victory.” The article, penned by Douglas Quan, told the story of Zunera Ishaq, a Muslim women who wished to be sworn in as a Canadian citizen while wearing a niquab, a practice that is currently illegal.

The Post also ran a report from Peter Foster and Raziye Akkoc of The Daily Telegraph headlined “Hate crime probed in killings.” The article detailed the murder of three members of a Muslim family shot dead in North Carolina.

The CBC kicked off its online world coverage with a report on Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy. The article that ran under a CBC News byline was headlined “Mohamed Fahmy to be released on bail in Cairo during retrial.” The report ran with an embedded tweet from Saša Petricic featuring Fahmy’s fiancé making an statement.

The broadcaster also featured a report from AP that ran without a byline headlined “Ukraine crisis: Ceasefire agreement to begin Sunday.” The article ran with an AP photo of Poroshenko giving an address.

CTV’s international coverage was anchored by the same AP report that the ran in the Star. It was featured under the headline “Peace deal reached in Ukraine” and ran with an AP photo of Vladmir Putin making an address.

CTV also featured a short report from Maggie Michael of the Canadian Press regarding Fahmy’s release on bail in Cairo.