The first positive test for Ebola at a New York City hospital led the world sections of many Canadian news outlets Friday.

By Adam Jönsson, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber CollegeJ-Source IRB

The first confirmed case of Ebola in New York City led the world headlines of many Canadian news outlets Friday.

The Globe and Mail, CBC and the National Post all featured the Ebola coverage in both print and online. 

The Globe ran its coverage of Dr. Craig Spencer, the first person to test positive for the virus in New York, in the world section of its website. The story headlined ‘‘New York’s Ebola case spurs race to trace contact in a sprawling city’’ was reported by The New York Times  and detailed the case of a physician who had recently returned to the U.S. after working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea.

CBC ran an Associated Press Ebola story on the top of the world section of its website under the headline ‘‘Ebola outbreak: Craig Spencer, doctor in New York City, tests positive for virus.’’

The National Post ran the headline ‘‘Ebola in NYC’’ below the fold on its front page with a throw to the inside. The report by Bloomberg News explained Spencer’s work with Doctors Without Borders and delved into the city’s preparedness to deal with a potential Ebola outbreak.

The Toronto Star led its world section with coverage of Mali’s first Ebola patient. The story about the New York patient was folded into the African coverage.

CTV News kicked off its website’s world section with an AP story about a potential appeal by prosecutors against the sentence handed down to convicted killer/athlete Oscar Pistorius.

Global News ran a story reported by AP about a British woman who died under anesthesia during a plastic surgery in Thailand on the top of its world section.