The first Canadian airstrikes against Islamic State militants were given significant play by Canadian news outlets Monday.

By Jake English, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College  

International headlines generated by Canadian news outlets focused on the first Canadian airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq.

The Toronto Star featured its coverage on the front page below the fold with a throw to the inside. The Canadian Press story, which was reported by Murray Brewster who was on the ground in Kuwait City, detailed the bombing near Fallujah, a town just west of Baghdad. The story was headlined “Canada launches first strike on Islamic State.”

The National Post ran coverage of the Canadian airstrike above the fold with the headline “CF-18s bomb ISIS targets, ” in a report from Matthew Fisher datelined Kuwait City. The report was accompanied by a DND/CP picture of a CF-18 fighter-bomber   landing at a Canadian air base in Kuwait.

Suggesting the Canadian mission would not be a walk-in-the-park, CBC’s Middle East correspondent Saša Petricic filed from the Canadian airbase in Kuwait.  The report,  which topped the  broadcaster’s online world section ran under the headline “Canada’s forces face daunting mission against ISIS in Iraq,”  and featured a photo of a CF-18 jet in mid-flight.

The Globe and Mail placed its coverage of the bombings in Iraq on the front page under the headline “Canadian warplanes launch first strikes.” The story was reported by the Globe’s Steven Chase. His report revealed that military officials would disclose what was achieved by this attack Tuesday.

Global News picked up the same CP story as the Star and ran it on top of its online world section under the headline “Canadian warplanes launch first air strike in Iraq.”

CTV News launched its coverage of the Canadian war effort on Monday’s “Top Stories” list. The story also topped the broadcaster’s online world section with the headline “Canada launches first airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq.”