A failed U.S. Senate vote and the prospect of a fresh round of fighting in Ukraine led Canadian world headlines Wednesday.

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A U.S. Senate vote that failed to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and continuing tension in Ukraine led many Canadian world pages Wednesday.

The Toronto Star ran its coverage of the Keystone vote on the front page below the fold under the headline ‘‘Keystone hits hurdle in U.S. Senate.’’ The story had a throw to the inside and was reported by Les Whittington out of the Star’s Ottawa bureau.

The National Post also ran its Keystone coverage on the front page. The story took the headline ‘‘Keystone dreams dashed again’’ and had a throw to the inside. The piece was written by the Post’s Western business columnist Claudia Cattaneo.


The CBC also stayed with American politics and kicked-off its online world section with an analysis under the headline ‘‘How Barack Obama’s presidency has come undone.’’ The story was written by Neil Macdonald and featured a Reuters photograph of a stern-faced Obama.

CTV News featured an online Associated Press piece about  Russian claims that Ukraine is preparing to strike pro-Russian rebels by freezing budget payments to eastern parts of the country. The story ran in the world section under the headline ‘‘Ukraine is preparing for assault on the east, Russia’s Lavrov says’’ and featured an AP photograph of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Global News ran the same AP piece but under the headline ‘‘Ukraine preparing for military assault on the east, Russia’s foreign minster warns.’’ The story ran with an AFP/Getty Images photo of pro-Russian rebels firing weapons

The Globe and Mail ran a story on its front page about a Canadian doctor at the scene of a deadly attack in Israel Tuesday. Jill Mahoney’s report ran under the headline ‘‘For second time in two weeks, Canadian doctor at scene of bloody attack in Israel’’ with a throw to the inside. The story ran with a four-column Reuters photo from a funeral yesterday.