Canadian major news outlets devoted significant space to the latest confirmed U.S. case of Ebola on Wednesday.

By Adam Jönsson, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

The second Texas health-care worker who tested positive for Ebola led the headlines of several major Canadian news outlets on Wednesday.

The Globe and Mail, CBC and Global News all devoted significant space to the Ebola story.

Global News ran a short Associated Press story on the top of its world section. The piece covered the case of a second Texas health-care worker diagnosed with the disease after taking care of Thomas Duncan, who became the first fatality on U.S. soil, but did not identify the infected health-care worker.

CBC also ran an AP story related to the new Ebola case with the headline ‘‘Ebola outbreak: 2nd health care worker in Dallas tests positive.’’ The story outlined the impact of the disease and quoted officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The AP story also looked at the treatment of Nina Pham, the first U.S. health-care worker to test positive for Ebola after caring for Duncan.

The Globe and Mail brought the Ebola story back to Canadian shores with the headline ‘‘Nurses sound alarm about Ebola readiness.’’ The Globe ran the story above the fold on its front page with a throw to the inside. Kelly Grant’s report outlined the gaps at five large Ontario hospitals in how they have prepared for the disease in light of the latest confirmed case in the U.S. The Globe’s front page also featured a four-column photograph over the headline ‘‘Coalition of the unwieldy’’ detailing the complex effort at dividing military responsibility for eradicating ISIS.

CTV News ran an AP story about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong front and centre on its world section.

The National Post led its world section with a story about U.S. president Barack Obama’s visit to a fundraiser hosted by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Toronto Star did not run an international story on its front page. On page A15, the paper ran an AP story about an Amnesty International report about the abduction and killing of ‘‘scores’’ of Sunni Muslims by Shiite militias in Iraq.