Western leaders used the world stage of the G20 summit to verbally condemn the advancement of Russian forces into eastern Ukraine, slighting President Vladimir Putin in the process.

By Jake English, for the International Reporting Bureau at Humber College

Canadian media focused on the G20 summit in Australia, which was used by Western leaders as a platform to launch verbal attacks at Russian President Vladimir Putin for the continued advancement of Russian forces into Ukraine.

The Globe and Mail gave four columns on the front page to the G20 summit under the headline “Harper, leaders target Putin as Ukraine takes centre stage.” Globe reporters Steven Chase and Bill Curry shared a byline for the report, with Chase in Brisbane and Curry in Ottawa. An Associated Press photo of U.S. President Barack Obama leaning into Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ear ran across four-columns on the front page.

Harper’s recent jab at Putin telling him to “get out of Ukraine” gave the National Post inspiration for its front page. A photo of Harper holding a koala ran underneath the headline “Warning: appears friendly but beware of bite.” The G20 report was penned by Matthew Fisher of Postmedia News.


The Toronto Star printed a G20 report in a single column on the front page with a throw to the inside. The article ran under the headline “PM praises ‘valuable’ deals made at meeting,” and featured a similar photo as the Globe’s taken by Steve Christ of Getty Images.

CTV News stuck with Putin and the Ukraine and ran an online story by Associated Press headlined “Peace in east Ukraine is possible, Putin says, but not now.” The story by AP reporter Laura Mills had a Moscow placeline and featured a photo of Putin speaking to the press in Brisbane.

Global News ran the same AP story among other top world headlines of the day on its online world section. The piece took on a different headline “Peace in east Ukraine possible, but only if truce upheld: Putin.” A photo of Putin glancing over at the French president ran atop the AP report.

A CBC online report focused more on the actual outcome of the G20 summit with the headline “G20 commits to boosting economic growth, fighting climate change.” The Reuters wire story was slotted in with other top world headlines from the day.