Arthur F. Burns Fellowship is now accepting applications

The deadline to apply is March 1 Continue Reading Arthur F. Burns Fellowship is now accepting applications

American and Canadian journalists can now apply for the The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship, a German exchange program for working reporters.

The program is open to American, Canadian and German journalists between the age of 21-40, who are employed by a newspaper, news magazine, broadcast station, news agency or who work freelance or online.

The International Centre for Journalists says “applicants must have demonstrated journalistic talent and a strong interest in North American-European affairs.” The fellowship, the centre says, “offers young journalists, age 40 and under, the opportunity to share professional expertise with their colleagues across the Atlantic while working as “foreign correspondents” for their hometown news organizations.”

German language proficiency is not required for applicants. It is, however, encouraged.

Fellows receive $4,000 to cover living expenses, during the 9-week-long
fellowship in Germany and $1,200 to cover travel expenses.

The program also covers living expenses during the Washington, D.C orientation. As well, those taking a shorter fellowship than the nine weeks listed above will be compensated proportionately.

The deadline to apply is March 1.

To find out more about this fellowship, visit the ICFJ website or apply via Massey College’s site, here.