CBC uses data to probe nursing home violence

CBC’s investigative unit is at it again with a series of stories on violence in Canada’s nursing homes. The stories started airing on Marketplace October 17, and continued on CBC Radio the following week. This is a murky subject that doesn’t usually get much press, but a critical concern for families of patients who have been bullied, beaten or worse. The series relies on data from across the country, gathered province-by-province, as well as inspection reports and loads of interviews with residents and families. Watch the Marketplace segment, then read CBC’s in-depth report, listen to clips, look at data summaries and view an interactive map and more at CBC News.
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FOI audit shows gov’t still keeping secrets

Fred Vallance-Jones

When I sat down to crunch the raw data from the third annual CNA FOI audit, I hoped against hope that I’d discover a marked improvement in performance by Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal governments. Alas, I was to be disappointed. The final numbers actually got worse. There’s a chill wind blowing over the public’s right to know in Canada, and it’s being felt from the smallest town halls to the towers of bureaucracy in Ottawa-Gatineau. As you can read in this story by the Toronto Star’s Robert Cribb, our governments are still flunking when it comes to openness. A Star commentary offers further grist for the mill. And even though the audit is done, J-Source would like to hear more war stories, so feel free to share them.
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