A person upside down with their head buried in sand on a beach. Photo in black and white
Bury your head in the sand / Sander van der Wel CC 2.0

At the gate of disaster

A case study on the promotion of climate science rejectionism by mainstream news outlets and e-commerce companies Continue Reading At the gate of disaster

Climate science rejectionist Patrick Moore’s recent book, Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom, has been promoted by a constellation of media and special interest groups around the world that share his views. However, its success as an “environmental science” bestseller on Amazon has also been the result of support it received from mainstream news media outlets and e-commerce companies.

Using a narrative reconstructed with investigative reporting techniques, this case study applies gatekeeping theory to explore how those who platformed or publicized Moore’s fake invisible catastrophes argument failed to make its accuracy a determinant in doing so, instead prioritizing other concerns, such as freedom of expression and promoting a diversity of viewpoints.

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Wayne Crookes Professor in Environmental and Climate Journalism, University of Victoria