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European media’s verdict: Olympics 2010

The record number of Olympic gold medals won by Canada, and a jubilant post-games party that was largely problem-free — left some media critics” red-faced,” impressed, and startled, reported a Canwest writer ….

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Farewell Andy Barrie

Andy Barrie has been a household name for almost a generation of CBC listeners in Toronto. As of Monday March 1, he will be gone …

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Scientologists investigate journalists

Thirty years ago, The St. Petersburg Times newspaper won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Church of Scientology. The religious organization, which evidently considered the newspaper’s coverage unfair, recently hired investigators to investigate, and then …

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Deadly images

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Conflict photographers explain their thinking behind their iconic shots in “The Shooting War,”  a powerful photographic essay on the Foreign Policy web site.

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What they read

The Atlantic wondered: How do other people deal with the torrent of information? It asked Steve Coll, Nicholas Lemann, James Gibney, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder, and dished up the details of their media diets at theAtlanticWire.

What would a Canadian diet include?

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Broadcasters criticized by gay rights group

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Broadcasters in Quebec and Australia are in hot water for on-air references to the sexual orientation of Olympic figure skaters.

In Canada, a gay rights group wants a public apology from French-language broadcaster over comments about figure skater Johnny Weir, reported AP. The story added that Australia’s Channel Nine “reportedly received complaints from viewers after two of its hosts joked about the masculinity of Weir and other male skaters.”
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When a story doesn’t pan out…

Journalist Judith Warner thought she had a great story to tell about the overmedication of American youth. And then her research undermined her premise…
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Americans bemoan Canadian Olympic television

American TV viewers accustomed to watching the Olympics on CBC television are upset ….

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The headline sums up Clifford Stoll’s nice rant in Newsweek: “The Internet? Bah!”

Or — for readers here who don’t care to click through — “When most everyone shouts, few listen.”

Hear, hear.

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Olympic win: not the Globe and Mail’s shining hour

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Should The Globe and Mail tell Canadians what we should think about the Olympics, among other issues, on its front page? Anne McNeilly, former Globe journalist and now journalism professor, thinks not.
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