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Kelly Toughill is an associate professor of journalism at the University of King's College and founder of Polestar Immigration Research Inc.
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Government-subsidized news?

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Nicholas Lemann, dean of the Columbia University School of Journalism, mused about state subsidies for public service journalism in a program on American Public Media. 
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CNN to feed newspaper content

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It used to be that television and radio relied on newspapers for content. In the current US election, the reverse will be true for newspapers in the international Metro chain of free dailies. More than 100 Metros in 21 countries will rely on CNN content for US campaign news.
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New York Times cuts newsroom jobs

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The New York Times will cut 100 jobs from its newsroom, executive editor Bill Keller announced Friday.
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Halifax Daily News shut down

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The Halifax Daily News was shut down February 11, 2008, by owner Transcontinental Media in a move that took the city — and its own employees — by complete surprise. Read more for ongoing coverage of the story.
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Newspaper stock prices dive

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Almost all newspaper stock prices dropped in 2007, according to a report of the World Association of Newspapers; eighty per cent of those stocks dropped by more than 30 per cent.
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Chicago Sun-Times on the block

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The Sun-Times Media Group was put up for sale yesterday by directors who blamed the management of former media baron Conrad Black for the company’s current difficulties.  Financial statements for the company, which owns the Chicago Sun-Times and several other Chicago-area newspapers, are awash in red ink. The company took in $419 million last year, but lost $57 million after all expenses were counted.
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World economic forum: newspapers gone by 2014

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Philip M. Stone, writing in, reports that a World Economic Forum panel featuring futurists Paul Saffo of Stanford and Peter Schwartz suggests that print newspapers will disappear by 2014.

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List of Canadian newspapers

By  •  News provides a list of online Canadian newspapers. There is also an international version of Paperboy that enables you to search in a directory of more than 6000 newspapers from around the world, which can be accessed from the Canadian website. Find a newspaper by searching by city, province or name. There are also links to news sources related to sports, online radio stations, a presentation of today’s headlines, and a link to, which offers an international list of magazines.
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