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  • University programs

    A list of university programs across the country with descriptions of programs offered.
  • The choices facing prospective j-students

    If you want to be a journalist, there's no single, clear path to land a job in a newsroom. Some journalists never study journalism. Those who do, must choose from a wide and growing array of courses, programs, internships, and…
  • Photos: Inside the new home of Carleton’s journalism school

      Carleton University's School of Journalism and Communication is settling into a new home this fall after moving out of St. Pat's — the building it called home for more than 25 years. Mary McGuire gives us a peek inside…
  • Teaching j-students how to live-tweet events

    A U.S. journalism educator shares his ideas about how to teach students to provide live coverage via Twitter with tweets that are not just relevant, timely, accurate and interesting but that are complete sentences, provide attribution and follow journalistic style…
  • New journalism program launched in Ontario

    With the launch Trent University and Loyalist College’s new joint degree journalism program comes the inevitable question: In the current economic environment and difficult job market, does Canada need another j-school? In talking to people behind the new program as…
  • Applying innovation to journalism curricula

    Journalism educators went back to school for three days recently at The Poynter Institute's Teachapalooza 2012 looking for inspiration about how to update their lessons and their programs to respond to the changes in the industry. One of the participants,…
  • J-schools at a turning point

    As the media industry faces unprecedented changes, journalism schools are re-thinking their programs. Mary McGuire explains why some critics say it's time for bold changes though there's no clear agreement on what those changes should be.
  • Two Ottawa journalists win Michener fellowships

    Two Ottawa journalists will spend four months each working on two very different issues, thanks to Michener-Deacon jouranlism fellowships. The winners were announced Thursday, May 10, 2012.
  • New fellowship in journalism eduction goes to two Ottawa journalists

    The first winners of a new fellowship in journalism education were announced Thursday, May 10, 2012
  • Clickers in the Classroom

    Classroom clickers: technology for technology’s sake or a helpful teaching tool? Bruce Gillespie, assistant professor in the journalism program at Wilfrid Laurier-Brantford, explains how using "clickers" in large journalism classes can be an effective tool for teaching and learning.