Author / Rukhshana Ahmadi

Rukhshana Ahmadi, a Hazara writer from Afghanistan, was born and raised in Jaghori, the southern fringes of the Hazaristan region. Back home, she studied English Literature and Civil Aviation. Following the Taliban's takeover in August 2021, she fled to Canada. Her passion for storytelling led her to pursue a career in News, and she is currently in her third year of a journalism program at TMU. In her second year, Ahmadi received the Len Coates Memorial Award from the journalism faculty for being the most promising student in her class. She is a creative writer for The Archipelago and was awarded the MAX scholarship among 600 applicants. In 2023, she also received The Vittoria Adhami Immigrant Women’s Scholarship. Ahmadi is dedicated to a career in international journalism and news anchoring - she thrives on uncovering human interest stories and shedding light on social justice issues. Words are the essence of Ahmadi’s existence. She finds greatest joy when documenting life through writing, photography, video, and the art of poetry.