Author / Vinita Srivastava

Vinita is a journalist, educator and media innovator. She's reported internationally from places like New York, Mumbai and Johannesburg and has worked in both big and community media, including: the New York Times Magazine, VIBE, the Village Voice and WBAI and CKLN. She's a leader and a mentor both in the newsroom and the classroom and has taught journalism at TMU's School of Journalism and the National University of Rwanda. She is a member of the Global Journalism Innovation Lab at UBC.
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  • Palestinian journalists in Gaza covering the war

    The chilling effects of trying to report on the Israel-Gaza war

    Hind Khoudary, based in the Gaza strip, has been reporting for Al Jazeera English and her own social media channels since Oct. 7, 2023. Media experts say western news outlets, not allowed into Gaza, should create more partnerships with journalists like Khoudary.