All of J-Source’s coverage from day two of #CAJ16

On May 28, journalists gathered in Edmonton to learn everything there is to know about journalism at the Canadian Association of Journalists annual conference.

Here are all the panels J-Source covered on May 28, for those of you who weren’t able to come in person.

Communicating responsibly: Kathy Tomlinson leads a discussion based on her experiences that will give any journalist the information needed to use responsible communication to support their work.

From carryables to wearables to implantables: Dr. Isabel Pedersen talks about her research into digital life and wearable technology.

Tech geeks meet journalism—how data helps storytelling: Catherine Gicheru, an award-winning Knight fellow based in Kenya, is working to connect “techies” in east Africa with journalists who have stories to tell. Her keynote address is all about how the non-profit Code for Kenya is using open data to bridge technological divides.

Striking out on your own: Omar Mouallem, Caitlin Crawshaw, and Taylor Lambert share how they’ve built successful careers as independent journalists and how, with the right amount of preparation and care, the grass on their side of the fence really can be that green.

Following the money in Indian Country: Investigative reporters Melissa Ridgen and Jorge Barrera show you how they uncovered and exposed corruption surrounding First Nations communities, from the first hunch to the last legal vet. They’ll examine three stories as case studies walking reporters through the steps.