Home/work: Understanding work-at-home freelancing in Toronto is a new research project, led by Nancy Worth, assistant professor in geography and environmental management at the University of Waterloo

What is this research about? 

Millennials (born from 1980-1995) are now the majority of workers in Ontario; they are also the generation most likely to be freelancers. 

The goal of the research is to understand what freelancing means to workers, its significance in our labour market and how policy can better support freelance workers. We’re particularly interested in the values and attitudes freelancers have about their work, especially how they negotiate paid work alongside unpaid work at home. 

This iceberg represents a common assumption about work—that paid work is what ‘counts’ in our economy. We’re interested in understanding how freelancing at home is connected to different forms of paid and unpaid work.

We’d like to speak with Toronto freelancers:

  • who work in media (all forms, including print, digital and broadcast etc)
  • who work (mostly) from home
  • who are part of the millennial generation, born between 1980-1995

What will happen during the study?

The research involves a one-on-one interview that will take about an hour. The interview will take place where it’s convenient for you. Participants, who we’ll be conducting interviews with until March, will receive $20 as a thank you for the interview.

Send us an email at homework@uwaterloo.ca and we’ll get in touch. 

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