The Canadian Farm Writers Federation has released the results of its annual competition. Long time Winnipeg Free Press regional reporter Bill Redekop won the top press feature award. Top winners of daily, weekly and monthly press reporting were, respectively: Mia Rabson, Winnipeg Free Press, Mary MacArthur, Western Producer and Mary Baxter, Better Farming magazine. Ontario Farmer editor Peter Reschke took gold for press column and freelance writer Ray Ford took gold for technical feature.

Reporters with the Winnipeg Free Press and Ontario Farmer took home the most awards, each with five, while Western Producer reporters garnered four.

According to its news release, CFWF represents 350 English speaking agricultural journalists, broadcasters and communicators from across Canada. The awards were presented Saturday during the organization's annual conference, this year held in Winnipeg.

Here's a full list of winners, with links to their work:


Television News Reporting The Jack McPherson Award

Sponsor: Dairy Farmers of Canada

Gold: Rachel Kehrig Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Michael Smith visits a lentil farm

Silver: Joey Sabljic University of Guelph, Spark Higher oil soybeans, a bigger bottom line

Bronze: Natalie Osborne University of Guelph, Spark Sugar particles from corn


Radio News Reporting The Tom Leach Award

Sponsor: Bayer CropScience Inc.

Gold: Alice McFarlane  Flea beetles threaten canola

*Silver and bronze were not awarded


News Release The Alice Switzer Award

Sponsor: Farm Business Communications

Gold: Karli Reimer Ducks Unlimited Canada A bin full of reasons to grow winter wheat

Silver: Lilian Schaer  Apple and tender fruit growers appreciate support in wake of widespread crop damage

Bronze: Tracey Feist  Environmental contest winners implement plan


General Periodical The Felix Schmaltz Award

Sponsor: AdFarm

Gold: Owen Roberts University of Guelph Agrifood yearbook 2011-2012

Silver: Amanda Ryan Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Annual Report

Bronze: Kevin Hursh Farm Credit Canada AgriSuccess


Technical Feature The Peter Lewington Award

Sponsor: CanWEA

Gold: Ray Ford Ontario Farmer Fly Guy hunts with truck-mounted butterfly net

Silver: John Greig Ontario Farmer Post cervical insemination could cut AI boar numbers in half

Bronze: Tamara Leigh  Lean manufacturing offers competitive edge


Press Column The Frank Jacobs Award

Sponsor: MANA Crop Protection

Gold: Peter Reschke  No-win situation for the province

Silver: Ray Ford  Great forage, good for the soil.

Bronze: Kevin Hursh The Western Producer AgriInvest may be short-lived in boom times



Press Editorial The O.R. Evans Award

Sponsor: Richardson

Gold: Sheri Monk Alberta Farm Express Defending America in a cow-eat-cow world

Silver: Tom Henry Small Farm Canada What it means to be a farmer


Bronze: Gord Gilmour  I feed myself


Press Feature The Dick Beamish Award

Sponsor: Monsanto Canada

Gold: Bill Redekop Winnipeg Free Press The man who killed the family farm

Silver: Anne Lazurko  Who is the Canadian farmer?

Silver: Lorne McClinton  Distribution central

Bronze: Kevin Hursh  Market freedom


Monthly Press Reporting The Jack Cram Award

Sponsor: Canadian Seed Growers' Association

Gold: Mary Baxter Better Farming Do crown patents protect you against government incursions on your property rights?

Silver: Steve Biggs  Their success is no secret

Bronze: Maggie Van Camp  Risk, Reward


Weekly Press Reporting The Q.H. Martinson Award

Sponsor: Ontario Farmer Publications

Gold: Mary MacArthur The Western Producer New pioneers clear the way

Silver: Barb Glen The Western Producer Grizzlies a growing concern for ranchers

Bronze: Karen Dallimore  Opposition points to economic fallout


Daily Press Reporting The C.B. Fairbairn Award

Sponsor: Western Producer

Gold: Mia Rabson Winnipeg Free Press Pivotal vote on wheat board

Silver: Larry Kusch Winnipeg Free Press Feds wrest control of Prairie agency

Bronze: Murray McNeill Winnipeg Free Press CWB a more flexible version of an old model


World Wide Website The Henry Heald Award

Sponsor: Quarry Integrated Communications

Gold: Shaun Haney RealAgriculture Real

Silver: Tracey Shelton Richardson

Bronze: Allison Finnamore Farm Credit Canada FCC Express



Feature Photograph The Don Baron Award

Sponsor: George Morris Centre

Gold: Glenn Lowson The Grower Pressures on water are rising

Silver: William DeKay The Western Producer Family takes a leap

Bronze: Joe Bryksa Winnipeg Free Press Sand bag


News Photograph The John Phillips Award

Sponsor: Better Farming

Gold: William DeKay The Western Producer Mud wrestlers

Silver: Joe Bryksa Winnipeg Free Press Long day

Bronze: Sharon Grose Ontario Farmer Strawberries