Wente and Dowd cell phone columns: Too close to call?

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A column by The Globe and Mail‘s Margaret Wente so closely resembles one written by The New York Times‘s Maureen Dowd that at least one blog is suggesting she stole it. Anne McNeilly asks whether it was just a bizarre coincidence.
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When national media descends on a small town story

Missing_StaffordWhen big, national media showed up in Woodstock, Ont. to cover the abduction of Victoria (Tori) Stafford, the story changed. There was a desire among local journos, writes Bruce Urquhart, from the Woodstock Sentinel-Review, not to be scooped by out-of-town reporters that, unfortunately, pushed them toward pack journalism.
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CBC reporter reassigned after Tories complain

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Reporter Krista Erickson acted inappropriately and with “journalistic zeal” said CBC News publisher  John Cruickshank in a letter to the Conservative Party. The party had complained of “collusion” to the CBC Ombudsman after Erickson provided questions to an MP to ask before the Ethics Committee. Erickson, said Cruickshank, has been reassigned from the Ottawa bureau to Toronto.
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Teaching online journalism ethics

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Journalists using social networking sites, photo sharing sites and other new media technologies to gather information face new ethical challenges. Journalists are being forced to re-evaluate such questions as “What is in the public domain?” and “Is it okay to publish information obtained by ‘lurking?'” This Online Journalism Blog post describes some of those challenges and reviews a new book called Online Journalism Ethics: Traditions and Transitions by Cecilia Friend and Jane B. Singer that journalism educators may find helpful in adapting their ethics courses.
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Ethical guidelines for editing audio

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Mary McGuire

Reporters in every media now record audio for use on the web, with audio slideshows, multimedia packages and other forms of online journalism, in addition to those who do it in radio. As they are learning, software makes all kinds of things possible when editing raw audio. So, what’s acceptable and what’s not when it comes to editing audio for journalistic purposes?

I was asked recently for a set of dos and don’ts. As a former news reporter and producer for CBC Radio News and now a broadcast journalism professor, here are the rules I have learned, developed and pass on to my students.
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