The complainant, Kyle Mytruk, felt CBC’s approach to covering a protest by Manitoba’s yellow vest movement lacked a sufficiently critical eye. My review illustrates the impact that logistics can have on the way reporters tell their story.


You were disappointed by an online article published Saturday, January 5th, with the headline “Yellow vest movement comes to Manitoba”.

As implied by the headline, the story was about a protest by supporters of Canada’s so-called yellow vest movement, named after the safety vests drivers in France are required to keep in their vehicles in case of emergency. The report said protesters formed a convoy of around 200 vehicles, and then drove slowly along the Trans-Canada Highway between Virden and Brandon. That caused some delays along the highway. The story quoted the protest organizer, who said the purpose of the convoy was “to protest against carbon taxes and illegal immigration and to show support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”

You argued that the article lacked appropriate context because it did not sufficiently flag concerns some people have about the yellow vest movement – a movement you wrote is “just a cover for racists and neo Nazis.” You noted that the story included a photograph provided by the protest organizer, and that he was the only person quoted in the story:

By basically only getting one source you’re ignoring the issues around the convoy specifically their racist views on immigration. You as the media basically become a cheerleader for the movement instead of critiquing it.


Melanie Verhaeghe, the Senior Manager of Journalism for CBC Manitoba, replied to you.

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