As of May 13:

52 outlets have temporarily or permanently closed. Of these, 50 are community newspapers.

29 outlets— 18 community papers, 9 daily papers and 2 magazines — have cancelled some or all print editions.

82 outlets have reported layoffs or job losses.

2,118 editorial and non-editorial workers have been laid off.

The COVID-19 Media Impact Map for Canada is a project of J-Source, the Local News Research Project at Ryerson’s School of Journalism, and the Canadian Association of Journalists. Cuts sourced through news reports, company statements and our own reporting have been used to create each marker. For large companies, in many cases it is not clear from the information available which divisions, publications or programs have been affected so we have mapped the changes to the head office location and the specific outlets where there is known impact. As a result, the number of news organizations affected by COVID-19 are underrepresented on the map. For more information, visit the LNRP’s website.

The project team is verifying tips of additional impacts on an ongoing basis. Confirmed reports will be reflected in subsequent updates. If you’re aware of a new cut or have additional knowledge of a previous one, get in touch at or fill out the form COVID-19: Impacts on media in Canada.