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The State of Journalism: Jared Hohlt and Nicholas Thompson

Facebook Live

With a pandemic and economic crisis, we need good journalism as much as ever. Media companies are fighting distrust, disinformation, and a breakdown of traditional funding. Jared Hohlt, editor of Slate magazine, will be sitting with Nicholas Thompson, editor in chief of Wired, discussing the state of journalism as it is now and as it will be in the future.


#SciWriLive: Preprints in the time of COVID-19

Zoom Video Webinar

In the race to learn as much as we can about COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus that causes it, preprints have become many scientists’ #1 tool for releasing new findings to their peers and the public. For science communicators and reporters, that can pose unique challenges in a time when accuracy is more important than ever.


Asian American Journalism in the Age of COVID-19

Zoom Video Webinar

Join us for a discussion with Michael Luo (Editor, and Sewell Chan (Editor, Opinion Board, Los Angeles Times) on Asian American journalism in the age of COVID-19. All are welcome, regardless of Harvard affiliation.