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Decolonization strategies in film and journalism


“Documenting Indigenous Clean Energy Initiatives Through Mobile Journalism: Employing Conciliatory Innovative Practices" is a research-creation project centred in the Department of Journalism at Concordia University.


Decolonizing the Media with Kelsie Kilawna of IndigiNews

Zoom Video Webinar

The Canadian media has been claiming to tell the truth for a long time. In representing truth as an institution of a colonial nation, the media has also been imposing a version of truth that does not leave space for the ways of knowing, learning, and sharing that have existed on this land for thousands of years.

Trauma-informed reporting workshop

Zoom Video Webinar

Guest speakers Arvin Joaquin from OMNI News: Filipino Edition and Shalu Mehta from The Discourse will discuss what trauma is, how to cope as a journalist, and how to work with sources and trauma.


Reimagining Business Journalism


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted labour markets globally. Housing affordability, precarious work, stagnant wages, social isolation, labour inequity and the drive to automation, are some of the major challenges facing the modern employee.