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IndigiNews Journalism training

Zoom Video Webinar

IndigiNews is onboarding new reporting staff, and the public is invited to participate in the training process. Anyone interested can attend the three-day journalism workshops, scheduled Oct. 4-6 via Zoom.

Virtual Storytellers Lodge

Zoom Video Webinar

IndigiNews invites you into our virtual Storytellers Lodge for a two-day learning circle. This special Decolonize the Media training series is co-hosted by IndigiNews and Your syilx Sisters Consulting and is scheduled for March 2-3 via Zoom.

Free – $400

Decolonizing the Media with Kelsie Kilawna of IndigiNews

Zoom Video Webinar

The Canadian media has been claiming to tell the truth for a long time. In representing truth as an institution of a colonial nation, the media has also been imposing a version of truth that does not leave space for the ways of knowing, learning, and sharing that have existed on this land for thousands of years.