The riots in Ferguson, Mo. following a grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who shot Michael Brown led many Canadian world headlines Tuesday

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The riots in Ferguson, Mo. after a grand jury’s decision not to lay criminal charges against the policeman who fatally shot Michael Brown this summer led the world pages in many Canadian news outlets Tuesday.

The Globe and Mail ran its coverage of the Ferguson protests on its front page under the headline ‘‘No charges for officer who shot Michael Brown’’ with a throw to the inside. The story had a Clayton, Mo. placeline and was reported by Monica Davey, Julie Bosman and John Eligon.

The Toronto Star also ran a front page story about the civil unrest in the U.S. city. The story ran under the headline ‘‘Violence erupts as jury clears Ferguson officer’’ and was reported by Mitch Potter who was on the ground in Ferguson. The story had a throw to the inside.


CBC kicked-off its online world section with a live-feed from Ferguson. The accompanying text story was reported by the Associated Press but took no byline.

The National Post ran the headline ‘‘No charges in Ferguson’’ above the fold on its front page. The story, reported by David A. Lieb and Andale Gross from AP, had a throw to the inside and featured an AP photo of protesters attacking an empty police car.

Global News featured an AP story among the top stories on its online world section detailing the reaction by aviation authorities following to reports of gunshots fired into the sky after the grand jury decision. The story had no byline.

CTV News ran three Ferguson-related videos at the top of its online world section. The broadcaster also featured four text stories about the decision to not lay criminal charges against officer Darren Wilson, a Q & A about the grand jury, a story about protests in multiple U.S. cities, as well as the same AP piece featured on Global News.