It’s Friday afternoon, Toronto is flooding, Montreal is dealing with broken-down student talks and one of the most grisly investigations in its history, and Vancouver has a cat mutilator on its hands. Let's watch a trailer about a new journalism-centric HBO drama. 

It’s Friday afternoon, Toronto is flooding, Montreal is dealing with broken-down student talks and one of the most grisly investigations in its history, and Vancouver has a cat mutilator on its hands.

So, let’s all take a few minutes and enjoy the trailer for a new HBO drama that might pique the interest of journalists: The Newsroom.

The Newsroom is an Aaron Sorkin series, and from the trailers, looks like it will address a number of issues that face journalism today: Objectivity, a digital transition, and injecting youth into a newsroom (“They don’t know how to do the news badly yet,” the executive producer says in the trailer. “Or at all,” retorts the anchor). 


There’s this one too: