Former Algonquin Times editor named journalist of the year.

By Ronan O’Beirne, Associate Editor

University of Alberta student paper The Gateway had a strong showing at this year’s John H. McDonald Awards, presented at the Canadian University Press’s annual conference.

The Gateway took top honours in four categories: arts and culture writing (Collins Maina), diversity writing (Alana Willerton), layout (Jessica Hung) and opinion writing (Josh Greschner).

Michael Robinson, the former editor of the Algonquin Times at Algonquin College, took home two awards, including journalist of the year. The photojournalist of the year was Adam Travis of The Brunswickan.*


Here is a full list of winners, from our Nash 77 live blogger, Allison Leonard:

Labour Writing
Jesse Colautti and Thomas Swerdfager, The Fulcrum, “Invisible professors”

Humour Writing
Neil MacIsaac, The Strand, “What happened next will shock you”

Political Reporting
Jesse Ward, The Dal Gazette, “DSU amends constitution: 11 things you should know”

Arts & Culture Writing
Collins Maina, The Gateway, “Board Game Revolution”

Investigative Reporting
Arno Rosenfeld, The Ubyssey, “Occupational hazard”

Sports Writing
Shelby Blackley, The Cord, “Bouncing back from a scare”

News Writing
Michael Robinson, TheAlgonquin Times, “Evacuation plan leaves some behind”

Diversity Writing
Alana Willerton, The Gateway, “Pride over prejudice”

Opinion Writing
Josh Greschner, The Gateway, “‘Barbaric’ bill an offensive use of language and misuse of language by PC government”

Features Writing
Jasmine van Schouwen, The Fulcrum, “Confronting Canada’s war on science”

Video of the Year
Eric Gonzalez, The Gauntlet, “Dinos kick-off 2014”

Photo of the Year
Andrej Ivanov, The Concordian, “Missing, murdered, mourned”

Cover of the Year
April Alayon, The Peak, “Lonely campus”

Indiana Joel, The Ubyssey, “Herding students”

Michaelle Fortune, Queen’s Journal, “Sexual assault policy”

Jessica Hong, The Gateway, “Suit Up”

Journalist of the Year
Michael Robinson, The Algonquin Times

Photojournalist of the Year
Adam Travis, The Brunswickan

*-An earlier version of the article misstated Adam Travis’ award.