Changes are the result of an organization-wide initiative that also includes a restructuring of Shaw Media’s management team.

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Shaw Media has announced plans to consolidate the production of its newscasts in various local markets in a bid to restructure the way shows are produced at its subsidiary, Global News. 

The changes are the result of an organization-wide initiative that also includes a restructuring of Shaw Media’s management team. 

On Thursday afternoon, Global News posted an announcement of its plans to shift production of morning, late-night and weekend newscasts in cities west of Alberta to Toronto. According to Global News national communications manager Rishma Govani, this means markets outside of Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, including Kelowna, B.C. National and international content for morning shows will also be standardized, “so that it will only be produced once and inserted into each respective show,” Govani wrote in an email to J-Source.

“As of a result of reinventing our production processes to create a sustainable news business, we are making a number of staff changes,” she wrote. According to Global News’ posted report of the production restructuring, this includes a number of layoffs and future hires at the Global News Toronto headquarters. Govani noted that at the time, exact numbers on people laid off or who took buyouts is still a moving target while senior vice-president of news and station operations Troy Reeb noted in the Global announcement the total number of layoffs across all regions would be fewer than 30. (On Twitter, CBC reporter Simon Dingley noted layoffs in Toronto currently totalled 9, with one buyout.)

“There will be no reduction in front line newsgathering and the number of hours of news produced each day will actually increase,” wrote Govani. 

In management, a number of appointments have also been announced. Christine Shipton, previously senior vice-president of content at Shaw, was appointed senior vice-president and chief creative officer. Greg Teffrey, previously vice-president of business development, will also take on digital media strategy. 

At Global BC, long-time news anchor and broadcast journalist Jill Krop was appointed that region’s station manager and news director. 

A new position of senior vice-president and chief revenue officer has been created and is yet to be filled.