Citing ‘Orwellian Newspeak,’ readers urge The Globe to not use made-up words

By Sylvia Stead for the Globe and Mail

On Monday, The Globe and Mail issued this note to all editorial staff:

The term alt-right refers to a collection of groups or individuals espousing racist, fascist or white-supremacist ideologies.

We should avoid this term as much as possible.

If we must use it, in a quote, for example, we should provide a definition of the term.

On Friday, I urged this very thing with this column/blog.

A number of readers wrote to urge The Globe to codify this notion and I’ve heard from lots of you. You urged The Globe to call a lie a lie, not a claim, and to not be afraid to be blunt in the face of spin and propaganda.

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Sylvia Stead is the Public Editor of the Globe and Mail.