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Rob Ford.

So, readers, you thought that you wouldn’t read any more stories about the former mayor of Toronto. In fact, some of you have taken to Twitter or commented online, rather vehemently, to protest against this latest story (about Mr. Ford’s criticism of Mayor John Tory after his first month on the job) and to beg the editors to stop, just stop.

In the story, Mr. Ford said that “some things he’s [Tory] done alright. Some things – ridiculous.”

“He’s not the mayor any more, so who the hell cares what he thinks. It’s media like you who give him publicity,” one tweeted.

“Like his opinion matters. Can reporters just leave him out of their reports?” asked another on Twitter.

In the comments, one reader asked why The Globe and Mail would publicize what he has to say.

So why does the media write about an ex-mayor or an ex-premier or former prime minister when he or she speaks? Here are seven reasons.

1. It is rare when former political leaders weigh in on a current leader. Generally they keep their distance, but when they do speak, it is news.

2. Former leaders of all levels of government and all stripes represented many voters. So their viewpoint usually is instructive and can represent what a group of voters is thinking.

3. Covering what someone says is not “publicity” and it is not always favourable. Editors and reporters judge on the basis of what they think readers will find interesting.

4. Mr. Ford is a special case. For good or bad, his personality, his behaviour as mayor, made him a person of interest worldwide.

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