The Globe and Mail’s John Lehman was named the photojournalist of the year at the News Photographers Association of Canada gala on Saturday. Meanwhile Reuters and the Globe each won 2 first place prizes. Here are the 2012 winners, according to the press release

General News – Sponsored by CNW Group 

First place: Deborah Baic – Globe and Mail (Toronto mourners)

Second place: John Lehmann – The Globe and Mail (Missing women inquiry)

Third place: Darren Calabrese – National Post (Convention sleeping)

Honourable Mention: Blair Gable – Reuters (Dalton McGuinty)


Spot News – Sponsored by The Camera Store 

First place: Christinne Muschi – Reuters (Quebec Protest)

Second place: Nathan Denette – Canadian Press (Conrad Black Kiss)

Third place: Louie Palu – Zuma Press (Mexico shooting)

Honourable Mention: Mark Blinch – Reuters (Toronto shooting)


Sports Action – Sponsored by Nikon Canada

First place: Mark Blinch – Reuters (Broken leg – football)

Second place: Didier Debusschere – Journal De Quebec (Bare bum)

Third place: Steve Russell – Toronto Star (Soccer)

Honourable Mention: Steve Russell – Toronto Star (Spinning Diver)


Sports Feature – Sponsored by Lowepro Canada

First place: John Lehmann – Globe and Mail (Jockey)

Second place: Darren Calabrese – National Post (The boxer)

Third place: Nathan Denette – Canadian Press (baseball)

Honourable Mention: Jason Franson – Canadian Press (Dodgeball overhead)


Feature – Sponsored by The Winnipeg Free Press

First place: Tyler Anderson – National Post (Comic Con)

Second place: John Lucas – Edmonton Journal (Little girl playing tennis)

Third place: Joe Bryksa – Winnipeg Free Press (Hearse at drive-thru)

Honourable Mention: Eduardo Lima – Freelance (Dancer)


Pictorial – Sponsored by Canon Canada

First place: Chris Pike – The National (Cave)

Second place: Jimmy Jeong – Freelance (Wind turbine)

Third place: Steve Russell – Toronto Star (Zebra woman)

Honourable Mention: Rick Madonik – Toronto Star (Fancy hat)


Picture Story – Sponsored by Leica

First place: Ben Nelms – Canadian Geographic/Reuters (Freegan)

Second place: Ben Nelms – Canadian Geographic (Shark Fin)

Third place: Marco Campanozzi – La Presse (Egypt)


Honourable Mention: John Lehmann – Globe and Mail (Boxing Teacher)


Portrait / Personality – Sponsored by Beau Photo

First place: Chris Young – Canadian Press (Blue Rodeo)

Second place: Fred Lum – Globe and Mail (The bearded man)

Third place: Peter Power – Globe and Mail (Leonard Cohen)


Social Issues – Sponsored by Henry’s 

First place: David Bloom – Edmonton Sun (Suicide scene)

Second place: Christian Laforce – Chronicle Herald (Sarah Atwell)

Third place: Bernard Weil – Toronto Star (Hyperbaric chamber)

Honourable Mention: Wendell Phillips – Freelance (Rehabilitation Center)


Single Multimedia – Sponsored by The Globe and Mail

First place: Patrick Callbeck – Freelance (They Don't Rest)

Second place: Marta Iwanek – Freelance (A Different Kind of Love)

Third place: Bernard Weil – Toronto Star (Last Chance)

Honourable Mention: Peter Power – Globe and Mail (Maternal Healthcare, Sierra Leone)


Team Multimedia – Sponsored by Vistek

First place: Ruth Bonneville and Melissa Tait – Winnipeg Free Press (One Tough Mudder)

Second place: Jonathan Hayward, Christa LeCraw and Paul Wright – Freelance (Crankworx Deep Summer)

Third place: Phil Hossack and Melissa Tait – Winnipeg Free Press (Juan's Story)

Honourable Mention: Ryan Jackson, Megan Voss, Leah Hennel – Edmonton Journal (Election Signs)


Photojournalist of the Year winner & finalists

John Lehmann – Globe and Mail


Mark Blinch – Reuters

Didier Debusschere – Journal De Quebec

Todd Korol – Reuters

Fred Lum – Globe and Mail


Photograph of the Year

David Bloom – Edmonton Sun (Suicide scene)


Student Photojournalist of the Year

Justin Tang is a second-year student in Loyalist College’s Photojournalism program and a former graduate of Queen's University, where he completed his B.A. (Hons.) in Human Geography and Psychology. While attending Queen’s, Justin served as the Photography Editor of the school’s student newspaper, the Queen’s Journal, and recently spent a summer as a photography intern for the Toronto Community News. A native British Columbian, Justin has developed an appreciation for the urban environment as well as the outdoors; his deep curiosity about the relationship between the two continues to influence his work. 


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Tamara Baluja is an award-winning journalist with CBC Vancouver and the 2018 Michener-Deacon fellow for journalism education. She was the associate editor for J-Source from 2013-2014.