Voluntary severance packages were offered on Sept. 8, 2016

By H.G. Watson, Associate Editor

On Nov. 18, a select number of Globe and Mail staff members packed up their belongings and left the newspaper’s offices at 444 Front St. in Toronto for the last time as staff members.

Voluntary severance packages were offered to all Globe and Mail staff on Sept. 8, according to the Financial Post, with the aim of cutting 40 jobs. Layoffs were a possibility if the target wasn’t met.

According to Sue Andrew, the unit chair of the Globe’s union, Unifor Local 87-M, 20 unionized editorial staff and 10 advertising staff took buyouts. Five people also were laid off in the advertising department. As part of a reorganization in the advertising department, the position of national sales representatives was eliminated. There were no editorial layoffs.

Phillip Crawley, the Globe’s publisher, did not respond to telephone requests for an interview for this story.

Here’s who we have confirmed took buyouts at the Globe. We will continue to update this list:

Jim Sheppard, executive editor, globeandmail.com

Sheppard joined the Globe after a seven-year stint as deputy editor of washingtonpost.com. He told J-Source in an email he has no plans post-Globe.

Brian Milner, senior economics writer and markets columnist

“I’ve had a long and successful career at The Globe, where I have been able to pursue just about everything I set out to do in journalism,” Milner wrote in an email to J-Source. He said he wants to do more long-form work going forward.

Paul Koring, international affairs and security correspondent

“I’ve been a foreign correspondent for the Globe since 1988,” Koring told J-Source on the phone. He’ll be finishing up law school—he’s been taking night school classes for the last few years.

Noreen Rasbach, head of editing

Rasbach told J-Source that she has a “bunch of thoughts” about what will come next. But first, she’s taking two months off.

Guy Nicholson, Report on Business op-ed editor

Nicholson told J-Source he’s taking some time to consider what’s next.

Richard Blackwell, Report on Business reporter

Blackwell has no specific plans yet, but may continue to do some reporting on renewable energy, which he covered at the Globe.

John Allemang, feature writer

Allemang told J-Source he has no particular plans going forward.

Julian Liurette, videographer and editor

Liurette had already been thinking about going back to filmmaking, which he had done in the past. ”So when the VSP option was offered at The Globe, I decided to apply,” he wrote in an email.

Simon Beck, senior editor, Globe Edge Content Studio

Beck told J-Source in an email he is going into consulting to help clients with their marketing needs.

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