The Local News conference took place at Ryerson University in Toronto June 3-4, 2017.

Here are all of our live blogs from the Local News conference at Ryerson University in Toronto on June 3-4, 2017.

Understanding Local Journalism: An Overview

April Lindgren, Colette Brin, Damian Radcliffe and Michelle Ferrier give overviews into their research around local news.

Does Local News Matter? Tales From the Trenches

James Gordon, Brian Lambie and Knia Singh talk about how local news, or lack thereof, has impacted their communities. Kristy Hess explains the role local news takes in Western democracies.

Greater than the sum of its parts: Strategies for strengthening local news ecosystems

Josh Stearns, associate director of the Democracy Fund’s Public Square Program, presents a conceptual framework for understanding local news ecosystems and offer concrete strategies for strengthening the health and sustainability of local news and information.

Know Thy Neighbor: Local News as a Tool for Overcoming Difference

Chelby Marie Daigle, Ishmael Daro, Naheed Mustafa and Steven Zhou discuss how local news media can do a better job representing the diversity of the Muslim community.

On the Beat: Police and Local News

Gavin Adamson, Romayne Smith Fullerton, Lisa Taylor and Bailey Gerrits discuss the state of police reporting in Canada.

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