If you’ve ever doubted your career choice of becoming a journalist, check out this blog post by 17 year-old Jack Davis on The Huffington Post that describes how he fell in journalism and why he believes it is important.

In it, the young man describes how he "stumbled" onto this career aspiration and why journalism's current tumultuous climate is more inspiring than it is scary. Now, he is going to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist with the New York Times. He writes:

What a perfect time to be a journalist — right smack in the midst of the institution's collapse? Today, we are faced with a future where the path of journalism is shifting and many worry that I am making the wrong choice. What many see as a flailing business, I see as a defining moment for something that is a pillar of our culture. 

Part of the problem is that journalism is considered to be just like any other struggling business when journalists are not like business people, says Davis. Through economic hard times journalists see the value that they bring to a democratic society and are willing to work for it.


Is Davis young and idealistic? Probably. But who is going to tell a kid who is “too freaking excited” to become a journalist that the industry has hit its quota for young and enthusiastic people?

You can find Davis’ whole post here.