Gabriela Perdomo

Introducing Gabriela Perdomo, J-Source’s new editor-in-chief

Gabriela, journalism professor at Mount Royal University, joins us in January Continue Reading Introducing Gabriela Perdomo, J-Source’s new editor-in-chief

J-Source is pleased to announce the appointment of its new editor-in-chief, Gabriela Perdomo.

We look forward to working with Gabriela to build original research and coverage on journalism in Canada as we expand our efforts from J-Source to the Canada Press Freedom Project. 

Gabriela is keen to foster news and analysis on the state of media across Canada, open spaces for debate and reflections from a diversity of voices and further grow a community for journalism educators to support their teaching and learning in journalism schools.

“From norms to practices, journalism remains in a constant state of flux,” said Gabriela. “I am excited to join J-Source and help bring in a wide set of voices to share their knowledge and expertise in the field with our readers.”

Gabriela is an assistant professor of journalism at Mount Royal University in Calgary where her research focuses on anti-media discourses and how they affect different journalistic cultures. She also studies podcasting, journalism innovation and the changing norms of journalism. Gabriela is the co-producer and host of the Spanish-language podcast Periodémica and an editorial board member of Facts and Frictions

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Gabriela started her journalism career in broadcasting. She has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in communication from the University of Ottawa, where she researched her thesis “What Does Journalism Owe to Peace? : The Metajournalistic Discourse of Media Failure After Colombia’s 2016 Peace Referendum.” Gabriela’s work has appeared in publications including Maclean’s, the Tyee and the Conversation.

J-Source’s previous editor-in-chief, Toronto Metropolitan University assistant journalism professor Sonya Fatah, continues to support J-Source as a board chair and editor of the CPFP.

You can reach Gabriela by email or on Twitter at @gabrielaper.